Fix the floor

A completely different feel with an attractive and practical floor. In the garage.

Fix the patio

Flexible and smart flooring that lets the floor breathe. Fix the floor of the patio or balcony.

The feeling is in the floor. It is easy to fix. 

Using HestraPlattan plastic floor tiles, you can fix the floor in the patio, around the pool, in your walk-in closet or even in the garage. In short; a cosy feeling – anywhere you want.

Our floors are comfortable to walk on and can withstand tough conditions. They are self-draining, non-slip for fast children’s feet around the pool, create air gaps on cold basement floors and are easy to clean.

You can fix your floor with four different patterns and several colours to choose from. Put a carpet in your drawing room. On the patio, in the utility room or on the balcony, use HestraPlattan!

Inspiration and instruction! Check out when we install two types of patterns using Deck45.



As the name suggest, this is the classic tile of the range. It drains well, is easy to lay and quickly gives the floor a completely new look. 



Universa lets damp floors breathe thanks to its structure. With its pleasant and neutral pattern, it never becomes too dominant in a room or on a patio.



Unique floor tile that, with its beautiful structure and appearance, looks truly realistic. Rotate the tiles 90 degrees and create your own pattern.



We call the new addition to the family Stone because of its stone-like appearance and its tile-like overall impression. 



In 2022, we’re launching Deck45. Create your own unique patterns by arranging the tiles in different ways – click on View more for inspiration.

Different designs. Different colours. As you would like it.


Our floor tiles are flexible, so you can create the pattern you want, with the colours you want. Their draining ability means that they suit damp spaces or where you need to stamp mud off your shoes properly. Only your imagination limits where you can lay these floor tiles. Fix the floor and the feeling with the right floor tile from HestraPlattan. 

Made in Hestra, Småland.

HestraPlattan has been manufactured in Hestra since 1986. The environment is important to us and therefore our high-quality, Swedish-made floor is made of pure polypropylene composite (PP), 100% recyclable.

Awesome on the balcony. Pleasant to walk on. Cosy feeling. So easy to fit.


– Kalle in Halmstad

HestraPlattan is a brand from Rudéns Plastindustri