Which is your favourite design?

Here at HestraPlattan, we love stylish floors with good function. The floor tiles have a draining function and suit very well in, for example, utility rooms, garages, service entrances or garden shed. It is also very popular to lay around the jacuzzi or swimming pool, the different tiles have slightly different functions. Terrace, patio and balcony floors may also need updating. The WoodLook floor tile gives a lifelike and cosy feeling.

Benefits with our floor tiles.

Use HestraPlattan on top of the decking on the patio or on the floor in the playhouse to avoid getting splinters in your feet. It creates an air gap on the cold and slightly damp basement floor, which makes it warmer to walk on and also allows you to place boxes or other items on the floor without worrying about them getting damp.

Made in Hestra, Småland.

HestraPlattan has been manufactured in Hestra since 1986. The environment is important to us and therefore our high-quality, Swedish-made floor is made of pure polypropylene composite (PP), 100% recyclable.

HestraPlattan is a brand from Rudéns Plastindustri